Jim, big thanks to you, Bobby, Joe, Brian, Keith, and Dita.

The School was an amazing experience and I think a real break through for many of us. I know how much work and effort you guys put into making it such an amazing event for all of us. You all truly care to see us improve and obviously take great satisfaction from making it happen for us. You make us feel like tour players.

The insights and take always were tremendous. I came away with a really clear plan of what I need to work on to get better :

- better address position (less tilted);
- good grip right hand palm pressure on left thumb to feel more connected and have better Club head feel and control through the swing;
- lighter grip pressure through the entire swing with more relaxed body generally;
- good connected take away with a full shoulder turn with left shoulder down and higher right elbow at the top;
- accelerating through the ball to a full release;
- short game, short game, short game;
- focus on 12-18 inches past the hole for speed with putter.

I really liked the way things were organized this year. Some personal highlights:

- playing three amazing courses and the competition at Miami Golf Club (it was great to see how well everyone did under the added pressure of competition and everyone watching - really powerful and fun);
- I really liked the on course strategy discussions - it was very powerful to describe out loud what I was planning to do on almost every shot and getting feedback on it (before or after);
- reversing the schedule on the last day was brilliant and something that should be carried forward;
- having a written plan of what I should work on;
- the extra focus on the short game;
- greater availability of TRACKMAN on the range (but I also completely agree with your comments about getting too numbers focused and missing the bigger picture);
- an amazing dinner at Joe’s, along with great stories and laughs over the four days;
- the added assistance of Brian on arrival and departure was very helpful, as well as Joe joining us for breakfast;
- Dita’s restaurant recommendations were outstanding;

Please convey our sincere thanks, gratitude and best wishes for the Summer to all.


Steve & Molly


Evan Cather is a great guy and good coach . He really cares about his students . I took lessons from him 2 winters ago at Miami Beach golf course and this past week at Biltmore. Both facilities were very nice,courses as well for playing lessons . Video feedback really helped show were I need to work on my game . thanks !

 -Gregory Schenk


I was in Miami for a conference. I took a couple of hours to stop by the Miami Beach Golf Club facility for a lesson. I was lucky enough to be assigned to Martin Bartolome. In less than 10 minutes Martin identified my main faults. The key factor was too much grip pressure. We then worked on my short game which needed a lot of help. In addition to being a great golf teacher Martin is a terrific person.

-Joe Wade


Just wanted to let Jim know that "I always come back to Jim McLean's teaching." I bought "The 8-Step Swing" back in around 2010 and DEVOURED it. My scores improved, but I plateaued. I sought other concepts and perspectives on YouTube, but I always seem to come back to Jim's concepts. This week's breakthrough was with "The X-Factor Stretch." That concept is one of my favorites. Continued success to all of you guys. Thanks for what you do

- Rob
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