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May 22, 2013

SUBJECT: Jim McLean Golf Center, Texas

WHERE: It's located in Ft Worth Texas

WHAT: America's #1 Golf Training Site

WHO SAYS: Tom Fazio (considered golf's greatest architect), among many others!

WHY: To meet with my GM and top golf instructor, Justin Poynter

WHO: Justin runs my Junior Academy, a year around program with 21 juniors attending. We will top out at only 24 students. The goal is to be THE HARVARD of junior academies, and we are well on our way to success. In just our 3rd year, all 8 of our seniors received 4-year scholarships to top universities. By the time you read this, Brad Dalke will be the #1 ranked junior boy in America. Haley Mills (one of our 2nd-year students) Monday qualified for the Dallas LPGA tour event and made the cut this year. Our juniors go to a very special school and get world-class training in all aspects of their lives.

WHO ELSE: The Ben Hogan Physical Therapy Group oversees the fitness training (we have 2,500 square feet of training space, plus a workout room downstairs), we have 10 instructors now who use our private short-game area, 2 Trackman units, biomechanics 3D Lab, 5 massive indoor training bays, and a unique "on-course" practice facility where students can hit from various lies in any direction.

TRAINING: It's continuous with teachers like Joey Wuertemberger (Top 40 Teacher under 40, and former personal assistant to Jim McLean at Doral) leading our Monday meetings. Actually, all the instructors take turns leading meetings. Great professionals with phenomenal dedication.

WHAT'S NEW: Our restaurant is run by Eric Tonips, who is a personal chef for some of the Dallas Cowboys, Texas Rangers, and Dallas Stars. Four 60-inch TV's just arrived in the sitting area so every sporting event can be watched. All new seating, too. Awesome!

INTERESTING THINGS ON THIS TRIP: Great talk with major champion Mark Brooks who was out to practice and work on his clubs. Oh, I did not mention "THE JIM MCLEAN GOLF CENTER IS ONE OF ONLY FIVE NATIONAL TITLEIST FITTING CENTERS IN THE USA". Also our club fitter, Kyle Cronkright, is widely recognized as one of the best in America. We had dinner with a slew of the top Titleist brass (Mike Summerville, Brett Porath, Glen Mahler, Todd Jenkins, and Matt Pavin) when they were in Dallas for the Byron Nelson PGA tour event. Great night. They love Kyle. Why not, as he sells a ton of the great Titleist product. I love Kyle too. He is another professional that makes our Fort Worth location so special. I do have to mention the guys in the Titleist tour van who treat me great every week I'm on tour. I was out at Las Colinas. As usual, I stopped and got Titleist hats. This past week, Keegan Bradley shot a course record the first round with a blazing "60" (like the new TV sets). Did you know he made 2 bogies in that round???? Keegan led all the way, until the last 3 holes. Almost went wire-to-wire. He finished 2nd alone and moved up to 3rd in FedEx Cup standings. Keegan has had a great year and the wins are coming. I love working with this guy. We have been working together since 2009 and it’s been a blessing to watch his meteoric rise. Somebody actually asked me "how could he miss that putt on number16 in the last round"? I thought they were joking. Have they never played golf?? The wind was blowing 35 mph and Keegan had played fantastic golf all week. Missed one short range putt. One guy, Sang-Moon Bae beat him out of a full field tour event. I do think KB learned a lot this past week. Next time the breaks will go his way.

Back to Mark Brooks! He was out with his friend JJ Henry who was also practicing at our range. Mark caddied for JJ at The Players Championship in Jacksonville, Florida. Not easy to get a major champion to caddy for you. When was the last time a Major Champion caddied for another tour player in a PGA tour event?? Write in and tell me. It's sure fun to listen to their conversations. Brooks was relentless. He knows how good JJ is and pushes him like Bill Bellichek pushes the New England Patriots. Relentless!!!

OTHER STUFF: I found the golf ball that my son, Jon, had used when he made 2 hole-in-ones in a 9-hole round. He shot a course record -7 that day. It was just lying around the house when I spotted it in a drawer. I'm having it framed and put in our golf shop...until somebody else does that again or has 3 hole-in-ones in 9 holes. Of course when Lexi Thompson won an LPGA tour event at age 16 (a record that had stood for 50 years) I thought that might never be broken. Wrong! Lydia Ko won just 6 months later at age 15??? Who would ever believe it? But records are made to be broken. What will be next? I'm thinking a 58 this year somewhere. By the way, my old friend Homero Blancas (we both went to the University of Houston) once shot a "55" in a tournament. Don't believe me? Look it up. He did.

Jim McLean
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