sam puttlab
The Jim McLean Golf Center in Fort Worth, Texas now offers the use of the SAM PuttLab. The SAM PuttLab is the first system worldwide that makes a complete putting analysis available to players and instructors.

The SAM PuttLab is uses ultrasound measurements to provide analysis and training for players to improve their putting. The system measures 28 parameters of a players putting stroke to help identify the strengths and weaknesses for an individual player. This data will help a player train the weakest parts of their stroke to help speed up the improvement process.

Training mode in SAM PuttLab uses the motto, “Specific training = Significant improvement.” Once the weakest parameters of the putting stroke have been identified, our staff can set up a training strategy utilizing the SAM PuttLab. During the training session, you will get feedback after each stroke.

SAM PuttLab also has data from the PGA Tour players for comparison. This will allow a player to compare their stroke to the strokes of the strokes you see on the PGA Tour.

The data given by the SAM PuttLab will also assist when being fit for your new putter. Using the data from the 28 parameters that will be measured will ensure that you are in the right putter to match your stroke.

Now is your chance to have your stroke analyzed with the same equipment used on the PGA Tour! Be sure to contact our staff to schedule your appointment!
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