Every junior will be taught total golf instruction through the Jim McLean 25 Percent Theory: long game, short game, mental game, and management game.

The long game will focus on the junior’s full shots and the golf swing. The short game includes all shots from 75 yards and in: chipping, pitching, bunker shots, and putting. The mental game will include focus, concentration, and visualization techniques that the junior will need to play shots on the course. This will help the junior make the toughest walk in golf, the one from the range to the first tee during tournament play. The management game includes the junior’s lifestyle—how he manages his life and golf game including fitness.

The junior will have the benefit of Jim McLean and his staff’s commitment to research—Jim has over 35 years of research of the greatest golfers. This research will help the junior reach their golfing potential through Jim’s corridors of success. These programs will help the junior develop many life skills such as character, integrity, and honesty.

Monthly Training Package*

Gold - 8 Hours

Lead Master: Call for availability

Master: $860 a month

Certified: $450 a month

Silver - 4 Hours

Lead Master: Ask for availability

Master: $460 a month

Certified: $250 a Month

Bronze - 2 hours

Lead Master: Ask for availability

Master: $260 a month

Certified: $150 a month

*Minimum Six Month Commitment

Private Instruction

Lead Master:

1 student - $175
2 students - $265


1 student - $130
2 students - $195


1 student - $75
2 students - $115

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