Lead Master Instructors

Our Lead Master Instructors are hand selected by Jim McLean. Many are nationally recognized as top teaching professionals and others have over 10 years experience teaching the Jim McLean System.

Our top professionals have extensive teaching resumes and some students include PGA Tour players. You can compare our Lead Masters to a PhD in golf instruction.


  • One Person: $250
  • Two People: $375
  • Three People: $500

    Master Instructors

    Our Master Instructors have multiple years of teaching experience with the Jim McLean System. They are experienced and seasoned teaching professionals with an extensive backgrounds in golf and instruction.

    Many of the Master Instructors are full-time, year round teachers at the Jim McLean Golf School. It's like having your Master's Degree in Jim McLean's Teaching System!

  • One Person: $195
  • Two People: $290
  • Three People: $390 

    Certified instructors

    Our Certified Instructors have 2 to 5 years of experience teaching the Jim McLean System. Each instructor has completed an extensive certification program to reach this level.

    A Certified Instructor has logged thousands of hours in research and training with Jim McLean and his Master Instructors. Comparable to a Bachelor's Degree in Jim's System.

  • One Person: $145
  • Two People: $215
  • Three People: $290

  • one-day ultimate
    Perfect for the golfer who would like to improve every aspect of your game in only 1 day. 7 hours with your instructor, includes: lunch, range and on-course.

    1 Day Program Choices:
    • 7 total hours of world-class instruction
    • Playing Lesson
    • Lunch at Doral Resort Champion’s Grill with your instructor
    • Full Game Analysis using the latest technology (JC Video Swing Analysis, Trackman Launch Monitor, and Swing Guru 3D Analysis)
    • Pressure and weight transfer analysis on the BodiTrak Pressure Mapping System 

    Sample Schedule
    8:00am-8:30am: Warm-Up & practice at Jim McLean Golf School
    9am-10:00am - Total Game Analysis
    10am-12pm: Individualized Practice and Drills  
    12pm-1pm: Lunch at Champion’s Grill Doral Resort
    1pm-3pm: Playing Lesson

    1-Day Ultimate Rates
     One Person
     Two People
    Three People
     Lead Master Instructor
     $1,600  $2,300  $3,100
     Master Instructor
     $1,300  $1,800  $2,500
     Certified Instructor
     $1,000  $1,500

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