I finally devoted some time to reading what you sent me, and it’s so impressive on many levels. The scope is amazing. It’s like you have put everything you know (and much that I’ve heard you talk about) in these pages. I know that had to be a monumental task, because any subject in golf when dealt with by a really knowledgeable and experienced person can be talked about for hours. But in reading your chapters, I felt like you did a great job of getting to the point but still presenting the nuances that gives it depth and intelligence. A lot of things struck me. I think the “real fundamentals” will enter the vocabulary of golf teaching and get everyone to rethink what they are actually teaching against what good players actually do. 

There are so many great lines that are really profound. Like “Watch what the greats do, not necessarily what they say.” I love that you gave credit to some people that have been either overlooked or even unfairly discredited, Ballard and Toski in particular. I like that you dealt firmly but fairly with “Stack and Tilt,” as well as the whole faddish syndrome that Golf Digest and Golf Magazine perpetuate. One of the most important ideas that you totally establish is that golf is an art, but within that art there are fundamentals and details that must be given close attention. That is your system. 

As far as the writing in the book (8-Step Swing- 3rd Edition), I thought it was very much in your voice. At times it had the sound of a rant, but one which the speaker had earned the right to go on due to 30 years of living the game as a top player, student, and teacher. Although its not quite “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore,” I like the forceful and fedup tone because it comes out of how much you love the game and how much it means to you. 
Jaime Diaz
Golf Digest

I’ve worked with Jim for many years in the past and throughout my career I’ve come to the realization that Jim is the absolute best there is in the golf instruction world.

Robin Freeman
PGA Tour, Nationwide Tour, Senior Tour

I've worked with Jim McLean for more than 15 years. Jim's dedication to helping me improve my golf swing has taken my game to the next level. I couldn't have made it to the PGA Tour without Jim.
Erik Compton
PGA Tour Player

The game of golf is played by many, known by a few. One man I am talking about works at knowing the game from the caddy pen to the putting green, acknowledges all, envies none, a great man with his family and friends, his name is Jim McLean. Having the privilege of watching him grow in this game has been a pleasure and he is the best at what he does. He has instructed many, not only amateurs, but the up and coming young professionals, all singing his praise.
Jackie Burke
Winner 1956 Masters, 1956 PGA Championship, 1956 PGA Tour Player of the Year

I recognized in college at the University of Houston, that Jim McLean was not only an incredibly talented player, but was also a keen student of the game. It is no wonder to me that he has become one of the best golf teachers in the world. Jim’s gift of teaching was enhanced and formed by studying, in depth, all the great player’s swings, and personalities. He could have become a successful tour player, but his strongest talents were teaching and promoting the world’s greatest game. Golf has become a better and more interesting game because of Jim’s exhaustive efforts to find out how the golf swing works, and then applying that knowledge through instruction to all levels of players.
Bill Rogers
Number 1 Ranked Golfer in the World, 1981

Please forward my congratulations to Jim for putting together the Ben Hogan Collection. The collection is by far the biggest bargain of information and price ever. The guest speakers were all fabulous, a treasure. Your work finally puts to rest all the silly “Hogan Secret” claims by some rather lame teachers out there. The way the DVD’s are laid out and left elbow height as he reaches the back/side/at/and a bit through the impact zone. The interactive EXE.file is a stroke of genius. Thanks for doing that.
Larry Mowry
1989 PGA Seniors Champion

Jim McLean's total approach to teaching encompasses all areas of the game. Not only is his information right on, but it is delivered with exceptional knowledge enthusiasm.
Brad Faxon
PGA Tour Pro and two-time Ryder Cup player

Jim, I just wanted take a moment to thank you again for the incredible time that we spent together this past Tuesday. I must say it was the best instruction I've ever had! I couldn't be more excited about my golfing future. From the time we first met at the Honda following Erik Compton's round, you have treated me like a peer and with much respect, and THAT is why I decided to make a point of getting together for a lesson. I couldn't be more impressed with you or your staff and operation there at Doral. Thanks for everything and I can't wait to show you the progress.
Ken Morton

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