Online Lesson with Jim McLean


Online Lesson with Jim McLean

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Have you wanted to get a lesson from Jim McLean but haven’t had the time or means to travel to Miami? Here is your chance to get a thorough analysis directly from Jim McLean himself. Send video from Face on and Target Line view and receive a comprehensive voice over analysis along with drills to correct your faults.

  • Step 1: Download Hudl technique app on iPhone or Android

  • Step 2: Create a Hudl profile and film your swing using the camera in the app

  • Step 3: Film Target Line swing

    • Film from chest height, creating a straight line using the 3 points: Target, golf ball, camera lens

  • Step 4: Film Face On swing

    • Film from chest height, film exactly perpendicular to your intended target. Using a stick on the ground as reference will be helpful to ensure perpendicular to the target line

  • Step 5: Share both videos

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