Passion. Intimacy. Adventure. Challenge. Commitment. Fun. These are the ingredients of anything worthwhile.

Golf is hard. Marriage is hard. Work is hard. But they are also the most rewarding and fulfilling activities a couple can share. And they are a set of activities that can work together to make each other better.

He brings his strengths and weaknesses to each game and so does she. And together they can improve each.

Let’s start with golf. It’s a calling. The premiere avocation. It’s endlessly challenging and swiftly, surgically and mercilessly reveals weaknesses in character. As such it is an activity that is very useful for elevating self-awareness and stimulating personal growth. 

For couples to sustain passion, intimacy and harmony, they need a project that is all consuming. For partners in a marriage to feel like they are soul mates they need to understand how to be effective companions on the great journey of life. 

Golf is one part of the Big Game shared by a couple and has to fit into the larger life plan and vision. Golf reveals character and marriage reveals character: strengths expressed in one “sport” might be keys to the other.

The third leg of the Big Game stool is business, which could include any professional or intellectual pursuit including philanthropy. This is where personal leadership shows up.

In the Big Game, how strengths show up in golf, marriage and business could be keys to improving the experience and performance in each other.

In the Big Game adventurous and passionate couples will have the opportunity to rethink and relook at how they show up on the golf course, bedroom and boardroom, so they play all games at a much higher level.

This means creating a stronger sense of shared purpose and life vision, setting mutual goals and devising new strategies and structures to elevate their experience and performance of the game.

The Big Game starts at 3pm on Valentines Day with an introduction to the program. The first assignment is to find a romantic setting for dinner. This is a celebration of “who we are as a couple”–what each brings to the union and what they have to build on, the start of a new vision for he, she and we.

Friday is an opportunity to see how these personal strengths show up and don’t show up on the range and during all parts of the game. Golf becomes a metaphor for everything: how does each partner prepare to play the game, the short game and the long game.

Over lunch, the couples share what they have learned on the course and over the course from courtship to where they are today.

Then it’s off for some personal time to sort out goals and aspirations. Friday ends with cocktails and the daily couple’s dinner assignment with one other couple.

Saturday begins with a game, followed by a debrief over lunch and some time in the clinic.

Sunday is an integrative round of golf followed by a late lunch and final presentations of a new life plan and marriage model.