Golf Instruction

The cornerstone of the students’ development is the 25 Percent Theory which encompasses the long game, short game, management game, and mental game. Based on 35 years of video research, Jim McLean has created a system that includes many concepts such as the 8-Step Swing, X-Factor, and the Building Block Approach that play a vital role in the students’ training. Our system provides each student with the ability to play the game of golf while still allowing for individualized differences permitted by our Corridors of Success. The student is taught by ingraining correct golf movements, the understanding of which begins in the intellect but must be transferred to the muscles through hitting balls and proper drills. Students use intelligent practice, consistently work on solid fundamentals, and make progress in small segments. Students enjoy the advantage of state of the art equipment such as JC Video swing analysis software, GolfBioDynamics, Dynamic Balance System, Trackman, and much more. This unique approach has led to the development of eight juniors* into the #1 player in the nation (Cristie Kerr, Alexis Thompson, Erik Compton, James Vargas, Webb Simpson, Liz Janangelo, Keegan Bradley, and Jon Curran) and 10 juniors to the #1 ranking in Texas.

Each student receives three hours of private instruction each week from their coach.  The instructor will design a personal practice plan for each player based on their individual needs.

Club Fitting

An integral part of the student’s development is being fit for the correct equipment. In short, playing with properly fit equipment throughout the entire set helps students play better golf as well as help them make any necessary swing improvements. All students are fit outdoors and have their clubs consistently monitored utilizing the TrackMan™ Launch Monitor. This technology measures each student’s club delivery and the full trajectory of any shot ranging from short pitches to long drives. Students have access to a large selection of testing equipment to ensure the right specifications as well as the best combination of clubs in their bag.


Students travel throughout the state and compete in three tournaments per semester. Events may include American Junior Golf Association (AJGA) events, Texas Legends Junior Tour (TLJT) events, or other top tournaments. Students learn to prepare for a tournament like a TOUR professional. They are taught to have a strategic plan for each course and tournament, utilize practice rounds, scout courses, and be adaptable for various weather conditions.  Using detailed statistics from each tournament, instructors are able to identify the strengths and weaknesses of each student’s game. This information allows the instructor to create an individualized practice plan in order to create better performance.

Practice Facility

Students have access to the premier practice facility in the nation. A 14,000 square foot performance center includes five indoor bays, putting studio, club repair room, 3,500 sq. ft. fitness facility, Full Swing simulator, and the The Legends Café. On the range, students hit Titleist NXT practice balls to numerous target greens. The students are also able to utilize the 50,000 square foot short game area to sharpen their skills. This area includes a Bent grass green, Champions Bermuda green, and a large practice bunker. There is a 150 by 100 yard multipurpose area to improve their wedge game. Students are members of both the Legends Par 3 Course and WaterChase Golf Club. These challenging layouts provide a variety of opportunities for students to test and develop their game.