Why should you get fit at the Jim McLean Golf Center, Texas?

  • Custom clubs are ordered and checked for exact swing-weight, loft, lie, and length specifications.
  • State-of-the-art Trackman technology ensures completely accurate results. Stamping and more.
  • We carry all major shaft and golf club brands and offer competitive pricing.
  • We utilize the same techniques that are used to fit the best players in the world.
    Additional Services Include:
  • Re-Gripping
  • Loft & Lie Bending
  • Swing Weighting
  • Custom Wedge Grinding
  • Re-Shafting Irons and Woods: Outdoor and Indoor Club Fitting Capabilities

See the “true” ball flight outdoors!

Custom Fitting Carts Available: PXG, Titleist, Cobra, Ping, and Taylormade.

Full Bag

A full bag fitting includes the following services:

  • Woods fitting
  • Irons fitting
  • Wedges fitting
  • TrackMan Monitor Analysis
    Please allow 2.5 - 3 hours for this service.
    Investment: $275


Woods Fitting

The woods fitting includes the following services:

  • Fairway Woods (driver is a separate fitting)
  • Hybrids

Please allow 1 hours for this service.
Investment: $125

Irons Fitting

The irons fitting at The Jim McLean Golf Center is aimed to provide the player with the make, model and correct specifications of irons to play their best golf. Once a make and model are decided, the player will be dynamically fit for length, lie angle, shaft type and flex, grip type and size and any custom specifications that are deemed necessary by our fitter.

Please allow 45 minutes to 1 hour for this service.
Investment: $125

Driver Fitting

A driver fitting at The Jim McLean Golf Center is aimed at optimizing a player's performance for both distance and accuracy. We start off by checking the specifications on your current piece of equipment and use it as a starting point in our testing. Launch conditions such as club speed, ball speed, launch angle, spin rate, landing angle and angle of attack are key variables that are taken into account by our fitter to ensure the proper model, length, loft and shaft.

Please allow for 45 minutes to 1 hour for this service.
Investment: $125

Wedge Fitting

The goal of a wedge fitting at Jim McLean Golf Center is to arm the player with the proper sole and loft combination on their wedges to allow them access to all yardages inside the player's pitching wedge distance and performance out of bunkers. Wedge fitting will match the player's technique to their equipment and provide them with optimal yardage gaps and shot stopping control so that they will be able to capitalize on scoring opportunities with their wedges.

Please allow 30-45 minutes for this service.
Investment: $100


A gap fitting includes the finding and address distance gaps between each club.

Please allow 1 hours for this service.
Investment: $125

Putter fITTING

Putter fitting is very crucial to consistent putting. Each person and their given stroke require a certain putter style, lie angle, and amount of loft on their putter. These elements will greatly aid in better putting.

Please allow 30 minutes for this service
Investment: $65

Find Your Distances

Do you know how far you hit the clubs in your bag? Most people will answer yes but in reality, the answer is no.

Hit all of the clubs in your bag and find out exactly how far each one goes on our TrackMan radar club and ball monitor. You will have the opportunity to use the ball of your choice (Titleist Pro V1, Pro V1x or NXT Tour) off of real turf and observe the ball flight with our fitter. Once the test is complete, we will go through the data and recommend any corrections deemed necessary. This can include different pieces of equipment or modifications to current clubs.

Please allow 45 minutes to 1 hour for this service.
Investment: $100

Ball Fitting

A ball fitting includes determining which Titleist ball best fits your swing and style of play. We fit for the following balls:

  • Titleist NXT Tour
  • Titleist Prov1
  • Titleist Prov1x

Please allow 1 hours for this service. 
Investment: $65



Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Co. (2015-2017) 2 years - R&D Clubfitting

UST Mamiya Golf Shafts (2000-2015)15 years – Product Development

City of Arlington (1999-2000) Golf Professional - Lake Arlington & Tierra Verde golf courses – 2 years

Gleneagle CC (1998-1999) Golf Professional – Events Coordinator

Carswell Golf Club (1993-1998) Golf Professional – 5 years

Ben Hogan Golf Company (1990-1992) Ben Hogan Tour – Company Rep. 2 years

Professional Golfer (1987-1989) USGT Tour Golden State Tour

Mira Vista CC (1986-1987) Assistant Golf Pro.