Club Fitting

Have a new custom fit and custom built driver, hybrid, wedge, or an entire set of clubs ready for you this golf season. Using Golf Swing Analysis Software and TrackMan Launch Monitor, the Jim McLean Golf School can fit you in the proper equipment, build it to exact specifications, and ship it right to your front door. You have to see for yourself what the proper equipment will do for your game!

We offer competitive pricing on all name brand golf equipment!

Custom Fitting Session

Director of Instruction - $150 ($125 Red Ledges Member)
Lead Instructor - $125 ($115 Red Ledges Member)
Certified Instructor - $85 ($65 Red Ledges Member)

Putter Fitting

The key to good putting is having your putter fit you as opposed to you fitting into your putter. Most amateurs have a putter in their bag that is either 34 or 35 inches because those are the two lengths the large club manufacturers produce. Come to the Jim McLean Golf School for a custom putter fitting session that will include video analysis of your golf stroke as well as an examination of how the loft, lie, length and weight of your putter affects how the ball rolls off the putter face.